Features of Double Watch Winder Box

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double watch winder box is a great device to make your watch turn. It is a storage box to keep your automatic watch collection. If you have two watches, you can select a double box. However, if you have more watches, it is better to select more space holes. You can consider the following features of the watch winder box. 

  1. Directionality 

A watch winder helps your automatic watch and keep it by turning it on the wheel or a turning table. It follows your wrist movements. You can turn it on the turning table. You can see the direction features of a double watch winder box. It enables you to manage the rotation schedule with the specifications of your watch. This feature is essential if you plan to save your watch for a longer time. 

  1. Slots 

If you select a watch winder with some watch slots, you ensure it has a turning table. It can manage the self-rotation schedule. Furthermore, check the specifications of watches to see whether the watch loves one direction rotation or the opposite of a watch direction. 

  1. Motor 

When you buy a watch winder box, try to consider the watch’s performance. Check the quality of the motor. If it has a better motor, it has long durability. Of course, the operation will be quiet and calm. An electronic circuit is a sign of a high-quality watch winder. The noisy operation is a bad signal. A low-quality watch winder can force and press a machine on your expensive watches. 

  1. Time Setting 

Another great feature in a double watch winder box is the time setting. You remember that automatic watches are turning through a few movements of your wrist. The constant movements on the watch winder can make your watch stressed. You should find the best time setting to give control of your watch. 

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